Tang Lady with Fan

Introducing our Tang Dynasty Lady Ceramic Figurines—captivating pieces that embody the elegance of the Tang Dynasty. Each figurine features a non-glazed earth-tone silky long dress with brown trim, creating a beautiful contrast of textures. Adorned with delicate details, such as fans held at the waist or by the leg, and a simple red glaze flower piece in their hair, these figurines exude grace and sophistication. Meticulously handcrafted, they are perfect additions to your home decor or unique gifts for art and history enthusiasts. Experience the timeless allure of the Tang Dynasty with these stunning figurines. Order now and add a touch of cultural charm to your space.

  • No two are exactly alike.
  • Your choice of wooden stand.
  • Our on-site workshop can transform these items into a decorative lighting.


HKD $4,800.00
Please contact us for shipping cost.