Shigatse Night Table

Enhance your bedroom decor with the exquisite Hand-Painted Tibetan Flower Motif Night Table, featuring two drawers and two doors. This stunning piece showcases delicate floral designs meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

52.0 x 36.0 x 66.0 cm

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your lacquered furniture, we recommend following these cleaning and care instructions:

1. General Cleaning: For routine cleaning, gently wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth.
2. Protection from Heat and Cold: To prevent damage from hot or cold drinks, always use a soft coaster.
3. Tealight Placement: Avoid placing tealights directly on the furniture surface, as they can cause marks or discoloration.
4. Sunlight and UV Exposure: Protect your furniture from direct sunlight or UV exposure to prevent fading and deterioration.
5. Decorative Object Placement: To safeguard the furniture surface, place a soft pad or felt between it and any decorative objects.
6. Natural Wood Furniture: Please note that natural wood furniture can be affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature, which may cause slight changes in its appearance.
7. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products: To maintain the integrity of the lacquer finish, refrain from using any harsh cleaning products.

It is essential to understand that wood is a natural material, sourced from individual trees. Therefore, each piece possesses its unique combination of colors, shades, and grain patterns. Over time, natural wood furniture, even those made in the same batch and color, may experience slight fading and changes due to the inherent aging process. Additionally, traditional white lacquer and light-colored finishes may exhibit a yellowing effect, which is an unavoidable outcome resulting from the natural ingredients present in the lacquer.
Invest in this exceptional Hand-Painted Tibetan Flower Motif Night Table, and revel in its timeless beauty while adhering to proper care and maintenance practices.


HKD $3,800.00
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