Anqing Cabinet

Hand carved openwork floral spray and panelled doors, one drawer above 2 doors and brass hardware.

  • Optional glass top. Made to order.
  • Please note that the colour of our products may vary slightly due to various factors.

Cleaning and Caring for Lacquered Furniture

1.  A soft damp cloth for general cleaning.
2. Use soft coaster for hot/cold drinks.
3. Avoid placing tealights directly on the furniture surface.
4. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight / UV exposure.
5. Place soft pad/felt between the surface and decorative objects.
6. Inconsistent humidity and temperature may cause changes to natural wood furniture.
7. We do not recommend using any harsh cleaning products. 

Wood, a remarkable natural material, is sourced from individual trees, with each piece possessing its own distinctive colors, shades, and grains. Its inherent uniqueness adds a touch of character to every wooden item. Over time, as part of its natural aging process, even meticulously crafted natural wood furniture may undergo slight fading and degradation.
In the realm of furniture finishes, traditional white lacquer and light-colored coatings may experience a gradual yellowing effect. It's important to note that this change is unavoidable, owing to the natural ingredients present in the lacquer itself.

62.5 x 40.0 x 107.0 cm


HKD $5,800.00
HKD $5,800.00
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