Guanyin Head Statue
Discover the allure of Vintage Brass Guanyin Head Statues, hand-casted in Hong Kong. These exquisite pieces showcase meticulous craftsmanship and evoke a sense of tranquility.
Imbued with history, each statue features a natural patina: a weathered verdigris or a captivating fire-induced blackening. Adorned with an intricately embroidered lotus scroll hat, these statues exude elegance and spiritual symbolism.
Symbolizing compassion and wisdom, the Vintage Brass Guanyin Head Statues blend artistry and spirituality. Whether you collect art or seek spiritual connection, these statues enrich any space with their timeless beauty and divine presence.
Embrace the serenity and elegance of Vintage Brass Guanyin Head Statues, inviting compassion and harmony into your surroundings.


  • Your choice of wooden stand.

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