Longevity Charger Plates

萬壽無疆 means Longevity without borders.

The early form was designed exclusively for Qing Dynasty Emperors (1636-1912) from Jingdezhen royal kiln.
The technique of Famille-rose porcelain (decoration painted in opaque overglaze in rose colours) reached its golden period during Emperor Yongzheng (1722-1735).
Chinese Emperors love hidden meanings and the motifs designed on their collections are requisite auspicious meanings to honor the most powerful man in ancient China.
The main body is Buddhist patterns, 寶相花紋 Interlocking lotus, and peonies which are symbols of wealth, happiness, and auspiciousness.
The motifs that go along with the flowers are bats which are symbols of happiness and Sou 壽 characters for longevity and good health.
The 火雲紋 fire-cloud patterns brighten up the energy effect and that is related to passion, vitality, and warmth into your home.
The border is complete with interlocking spirals with right angles and represents unity and infinity.

  • Hand wash only.
  • For decoration only.
  • Your choice of plate stands.

5.9"D     15.0 cm  
7.9"D     20.0 cm
9.5"D     24.0 cm
10.5"D   27.0 cm


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