Willow Umbrella Stand

The Willow Pattern is a blue and white design that brought together chinoiserie scenery, pagodas, landscapes, birds, and trees. The pattern is an ancient fairy tale originating in China about the constellations that tell the story of two lovers separated and envied by gods for their love. 

Our exquisite blue and white Jingdezhen porcelain is meticulously crafted using carefully selected porcelain clay, requiring no fewer than 72 meticulous steps for its completion.

  • Our on-site workshop can transform this item into a decorative light fixture.
  • Your choice of wooden stand, please ask us for details.
  • All measurements are approximate.
  • Origin   Jingdezhen, China

 29.5 x 29.5 x 55.0 cm 

HKD $2,800.00

Other View

HKD $1,600.00
HKD $1,400.00
HKD $380.00
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